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COVID-19 and Fingerprint Readers

We have been contacted by several clients about the use of fingerprint readers and preventing the spread of viruses.

Here are some options:

  1. The simplest way – maintaining basic hygiene standards. Have hand sanitiser near the fingerprint terminals and ensure staff are aware to use this after using the fingerprint reader.

  2. Proximity Cards or Tags. Most of the fingerprint readers we have sold have an internal proximity reader. We can supply cards or tags for staff to use temporarily during this crisis. (https://tasolutions.co.za/product/proximity-cards/) or (https://tasolutions.co.za/product/proximity-tags/).

  3. The most effect long-term solution would be upgrading to a facial clocking system. These have become very efficient and economical. (https://tasolutions.co.za/product/f3face/).

  4. We also have devices that read a persons temperature and do facial clocking. https://tasolutions.co.za/product-category/facial-systems/