Terms & COnditions


Time & Attendance Solutions (Pty) Ltd (hereafter referred to as TAS) warrants the original purchaser for a
period of ONE YEAR from date of purchase, that the product is free from defect under normal use, both in
workmanship and material, subject to the following conditions:

  1. Repair or replacement of any part of the product, found by TAS to be defective, shall be at the election of TAS.
  2. TAS reserves the right to affect such service through any of its Authorized Distributors.
  3. Faulty units must be delivered TAS for warranty repairs at the client’s cost.
  4. The cost of warranty repairs shall be borne by TAS in full.
  5. The warranty shall become void and cease to operate if the purchased unit is dismantled by, or any repairs to the purchased unit are effected by any persons not duly authorized by TAS, or if substitute parts not approved
    by TAS are used in the unit, or if the serial number of the unit is removed or tampered with.
  6. TAS shall not be responsible for transportation costs.
  7. Where service is requested under warranty and no fault or defect can be found by TAS or its Approved Dealers all costs incurred will be for the purchaser’s account.
  8. Any repairs out of warranty need to be paid within 3 months of invoice, quotation or last communication with the customer. Failure to pay will result in goods being disposed of in any manner TAS sees fit.
  9. For the purpose of warranty, it is essential to produce the original PACKAGING, with a copy of the invoice and
    a detailed description of the problem. Failure to do so will render the purchaser liable for service and repair

We strongly recommend that any data on the machine be backed-up before the unit is sent for repairs.TAS cannot be held responsible for any data lost
A Minimum of 1 hour charge will be affected on all quote rejections.


Due to the current situation in South Africa with regards to Eskom, all External Power Supplies and Internal Power Supply Boards are excluded from these warranties.
USB flash drives supplied by us do not carry a warranty as they are used outside of our control.

The following items are considered to be consumables and therefore carry a six month warranty: fingerprint sensors, power batteries and lithium memory batteries.

TAS shall not be responsible for damages resulting from fire, flood, civil disturbances or any act of God.
TAS shall not, in terms of this warranty, be responsible nor held liable for any consequential loss or damage of any kind, caused by or due to the failure or malfunction of the purchased unit. Abuse, misuse in conflict with operating instructions, connection to incorrect voltages or power surges shall release TAS from its obligations.

Return for Credit:

The Consumer Protection Act, Chapter 2 Section 20, states that a consumer can return goods to a supplier
and receive a full refund within 10 business days. However, it is important to note that this does not apply where:

– The goods concerned have been disassembled, altered, permanently installed or combined with other goods; or
– If the goods concerned have been used or need to be repackaged, the supplier may charge the consumer a “reasonable amount” for this inconvenience.

Installation & training:

This section only applies to customers that TAS will be installing for.

Installation will be done unless otherwise quoted, within 3 metres (cable length) of a working and available 230 VAC power point and TCP/IP network point. If no network point is available, the system will be used as a standalone with data collected via a USB flash drive. The terminal will be fixed to a brick wall at a suitable location protected from direct sun and rain. If the terminal is to be connected to your TCP/IP network, a static IP address needs to be provided. If a siren or bell is to be connected to the terminal, this will be within 2 metres (cable length) of the terminal.

System training:

Unless otherwise discussed, training shall be provided at the same time and location as the installation. The
software will be installed via a USB flash drive on to a suitable computer (Windows OS). Most of the training is done at the
computer, which needs to be available for the entire training. Follow up callouts will be charged for.

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