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iColour8 Access Control + Fingerprint Time & Attendance

R4,650.00 ex.VAT

CONTROL ENTRY AND SAVE TIME ON PAYROLL. The iColour8, designed for Access with Time & Attendance.


This system is a very simple, accurate and cost effective way of controlling and recording access. With the security of Fingerprint recognition there no more lost keys and compromised security with a record of access. With the advanced access control features, time zones can be created (either on the terminal or though the software) limiting allowed access times for different groups of staff members. Each person can be enrolled with up to 10 fingers which means fewer excuses about being unable to clock, thereby saving you money and arguments. The full colour display does not just look great, it also makes navigating the menus easier. The time & attendance software installation on your PC is simple to configure and operate.
Reports that the provided time & attendance software generates can be exported to Excel for further manipulation (if necessary) and easy payroll calculation.
The iColour8 Package is simple to install and most of our customers choose “DIY”.


  • Storage of 3000 fingerprint templates for 1000 staff with 3 fingers each.
  • Fingerprint images are converted to an algorithm for storage and high speed retrieval.
  • Memory storage of 100 000 transactions. (Battery protected)
  • False Acceptance Rate (FAR): <0.0001, False Rejection Rate (FRR) : <0.01.
  • Response time: under 0.6 seconds. Arm 9 processor with VNP function.
  • Under 1 minute to enrol new staff on the terminal.
  • Clocking produces an audible and visual response from the iColour8 terminal.
  • The fingerprint image is displayed on the screen, so staff can see the quality.
  • Large Full Colour TFT Display (with screensaver) and easy to understand menu icons.
  • Security, only an admin can enter the main menu using either a fingerprint or PIN.
  • Staff can ‘clock’ using either a fingerprint or password (PIN).
  • Staff can check their own clockings on the terminal, but cannot make any changes.
  • Sensitivity levels can be individually adjusted for degraded fingerprints.
  • Communication: USB Flash Drive or TCP/IP (network) – Standard features.
  • Can be used for Advanced Access Control & to operate a Siren/Bell.
  • For Security with Access Control all cables enter from the rear of the terminal and are concealed. (Supports 50 time zones, 5 groups and 10 unlocking combinations for advanced access control)


  • Very simple to install, configure and use.
  • No annual license fee on software.
  • On PC adding of missing clocking.
  • Multiple Departments, Shifts & Schedules.
  • Worked Hours calculated to the minute with Daily Overtime Facility.
  • Data Exported to Excel for Easy Payroll Calculation.


  1. iColour8 Fingerprint Terminal (with USB slot & RJ-45 jack)
  2. Mounting Bracket, with fixing screws and wall plugs (simple DIY installation)
  3. Power Supply Transformer (12 VDC) and Cables
  4. Flash Drive (Memory Stick)
  5. With Easy Setting Guide (written by our staff)
  6. Mini Disc
  • Time & Attendance Software (no license fee)
  • Hardware Manual – iColour8
  • Software Manual – iColour
  • Demo of Software (AVI)


  • Door Closer – Adjustable closing speed.
  • Power Supply with 12VDC Battery.
  • Magnetic Lock – 300kg with mounting bracket.
  • Striker Door Lock
  • Exit Buttons.
  • Emergency Door Release.


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